Three Down, Four To Go

by Louis Barabbas & The Bedlam Six

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released October 22, 2012

Louis Barabbas (writer) - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Dan Watkins (engineer/producer) - Bass Guitar
Biff Roxby (producer) - Bass and Tenor Trombone, Cello, Vocals
Matthew Cleghorn - Lead Guitars, Banjo, Vocals
Fran Lydiatt - Piano, Organ, Vocals
Tom Cleghorn - Drums, Vocals

Bridie Jackson - Guest Vocals on "The Devil And The Hole"
Bob Marsh - Trumpet and Flugelhorn

Artwork by Grebo Gray


all rights reserved



Louis Barabbas & The Bedlam Six Manchester

Between 2006-2016 the Bedlams relentlessly peddled their peculiar brand of Dirt-Swing, capturing the imaginations of every species of listenership, winning support from the likes of Supergrass, The Mighty Boosh, Har Mar Superstar, UB40, Mark Steel, The Hell’s Angels and BBC Radio, inspiring stage invasions, dancing in the aisles and a confused mixture of exhaustion and bonhomie wherever they went ... more

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Track Name: Three Down, Four To Go
Three down, four to go.
I never knew
This list would be so easy to follow.
Three down, four to go,
I had my doubts
But now I’m sure
I’m going to kill your cure.

Time led me to betray
Everything I believed in,
I guess that’s what they call “age”.
What was strong is now a strain.
I was young
And I was pure
But tonight
I’m going to kill your cure.

Decades in decay.
How do you shift
To “was” from “is”?
I guess I’ll find out the hard way.
Three down, four remain,
It’s late and I’m the lure
Tonight I’m going to kill your cure.
Track Name: Theban Sacred (Roxby's Wonky Remix)
When the angels killed the heat in me
They told me I’d been blind but they could make me see.

Lord only knows,
Lord only knows where we go.

So I took their hands
And I dragged them down
One by one I watched them drown.

Lord only knows,
Lord only knows where we go.

Now my conscience lies by my side,
We got on well
But I’m glad it died.

Lord only knows,
Lord only knows

But does he know
What I know about him now?

Now I’m going away to some foreign land,
I’m going to join the Theban Sacred Band.
Lord only knows I don’t want to fight,
He also know darkness is my light
But now
Does he know what I know?

When those angels killed the heat in me
I said won’t you kindly let me be?
Track Name: The Devil And The Hole (featuring Bridie Jackson)
On a tempered crag in a sea of sin,
A spit of land like a splint of skin,
Three hundred miles with nothing but crows
And forty poor baptised christian souls

They built a tiny little town with a wall made of stone
To keep temptation out and their goodness all alone.
But a woman on the ground long widowed, long wild,
Felt the world rising round her and she cried for a child.

She had a face like stone in the wake of weather,
Her hands turned white as they clasped together,
She prayed to the Lord,
Prayed to the Lord,
But the Lord ignored.

She said “God aint got no time for me
So if he don’t mind old Beelzee
Will get some bouncing boy to be
Some little pride and joy for me.”
Well the Devil said “Don’t cry my dear,
Wipe away those little tears,
If you really want a son
Come on and let me give you one.”

It was a warm winter night when the child was born;
His mother would tell no one where the seed was drawn
But the people looked upon him in a certain light
And said there’s something in his smiling that’s not quite right.

The years went by and the boy grew tall,
With every passing day there grew a crack in the wall
And when the first stone fell it roused the town,
The people took the child and tied him down

And the lashes on his back were like rays from a red sun,
He’d lost all sense by the time they’d done
And as they maimed and they mauled he pointed to the wall,
He cried “there’s a light
“But all you people see is a hole.”

Low and behold.